Reparation of measuring instruments, equipment & devices



We guarantee an efficient and fast repair process. Also, we make sure that your device will be fit for future work, preventing possible defects and failures. In addition, we carry out updates and improvements.

If an overhaul of your instruments is necessary, we will make sure to do it quickly.

Poorly maintained systems can lead to inaccurate measurements and incorrect results. All calibrations are performed in our laboratory by our team of experts.
Standards and measuring equipment used for calibration are recalibrated at specific intervals according to national standards.

We are your partner for optimal and long-lasting machine alignment!

Over 800 diagnostics and repairs performed

Repair of branded equipment and instruments; Anritsu, Rohde & Schwarz, Fluke, Agilent & Hewlett Packard, Tektronix.

Here are some details about our repair services:

  • No assessment fee
  • Repair of several brands of equipment
  • Receive quotes by email
  • Fast and quality repair
  • 90-day warranty (parts and labor)

Solve device and equipment problems quickly and easily

Our team has many years of experience with specialized procedures and tools to provide fast and efficient diagnostics and repairs of devices, instruments or equipment.

Benefits of our repair service:

  • Fast, accurate, the first time – minimizing costly downtime.
  • Understanding your technical objectives and the implications for upstream and downstream facilities.
  • Site-specific knowledge – minimizing the need for time-consuming (and expensive) out-of-town service providers.
  • Detailed site records – reassuring traceability and attention to detail to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Comprehensive documentation including change controls, URS, SAT, IQ and OQ – allowing for quick validation, the first time.